3 Tips for Firework Season

Remember, remember the 5th of November and to keep your doggy pal safe!

Firework season is upon us, which for some pooches can be pretty frightful. Here are my top tips for helping our furry friends through this season:

Plan ahead - prevention is better than cure

A mantra to always remember is that prevention is better than cure. Ideally you need to start desensitising your dog as much as possible to loud noises and from as early an age. Ways to do this include using a sound proofing CD or app to get your dog used to loud bangs and firework noises. Start with a low volume and reassure and reward the dog during this process so that a positive connection is made between loud noises and treats!

During the day of the fireworks

On the day of the fireworks it is ideal to take your dog for a walk earlier than usual and definitely before it gets dark. It’s also worth noting that you should feed the evening meal a little earlier than normal, before the fireworks starts as stressed dogs sometimes lose their appetite.

A ‘den’ is a great idea to help create a safe space for your pooch to retreat to if needed. Perhaps move their bed near to where you'll be or cover their crate with a blanket if they are used to a crate. Don’t forget to make sure that your garden is secure incase your dog is startled whilst outdoors too!

On the night of the fireworks

When the evening rolls around draw your curtains, turn on the lights and turn up your TV or stereo system. Other great things to do include plugging in the Adaptil diffuser (produces synthetic calming pheromones), using Dorwest skullcap and valerian herbal remedies can be used to reduce anxiety too.

Try to act as normal as possible with your pooch and a bit of distraction will definitely help - play games indoors and have chews or a stuffed Kong ready to occupy your dog.

However, if you are still finding your dog is showing signs of fear, definitely reassure them but make sure you do so with a happy, jolly manner and in a matter of fact way. Remember you can’t reinforce fear, so reassure them and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Fear is an emotion not a behaviour.

Don’t forget to watch my IGTV Episode on my Instagram page and also on my Youtube channel for all these tips and more, here’s to a calm and peaceful firework season for pet-parents and pooches alike.