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The lovely folks at Furbo, along with Karkalis Communications, were kind enough to gift me with a Furbo Dog Camera to try and review! This post is classed as advertising, but I will however, be giving my honest opinion.

Now that I’ve had the Furbo running in my home for two months I thought it would be worth revisiting my thoughts and also offer you guys the chance to own your own at a discounted price!

What does the Furbo do?

The Furbo has a few features worth paying attention to, including: 

• a security camera with great resolution for live viewing

• treat feeding with a swipe of your finger

• night vision

• a microphone so you can listen in on your pet

• a speaker so you can call to your pet through the Furbo.

In a nutshell; I really like the Furbo camera. It affords me great comfort in knowing that I can check-in at home whenever I want to and I regularly check-in when I’m travelling between clients homes. I’ve always known Byron is fine when he’s left behind, but it’s been extra nice to have the reassurance and also to be able to toss treats at him when he is relaxing to reinforce the behaviours I like; like when he’s settling and relaxing.

Byron relaxing at home

Byron relaxing at home

I still don’t use the voice feature because I feel that really confuses Byron. Recently I went away to Spain and was able to check-in on Byron all the way from Catalonia which felt really great and the video quality was just as good as when connecting from the UK.

I’ve also changed the treat toss alert to my voice instead of the strange noise it comes pre-programmed with that helped Byron build up a positive association to the noise. In addition I’ve enjoyed taking live videos and pictures. The bark feature has been quite good, but sometimes the Furbo gets it wrong and alerts me when my boyfriend is playing his guitar instead of an actual bark, ha.

If you have a pup that you suspect to be suffering with separation anxiety or isolation distress, I’d highly recommend investing in a Furbo to allow you to find out exactly what your pup is doing, so that you can begin to put a training plan in place.

If you’d like to own your own Furbo, you can get £20 off, making it £179 with my code: kirbydogservices20  

Or you can follow this link and the code will automatically be assigned to your basket - you are welcome!

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